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Special Needs Providers

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We know all too well about the importance of families preparing for the unexpected tomorrows for their loved ones with special needs; especially during these unprecedented times.

Families that we both serve need our help now more than ever.

We can help educate families on the all-important planning decisions by offering a variety of free, no obligation educational workshops on various topics such as government benefits, ABLE account, special needs trusts, 10 basic financial steps for special needs planning, etc. 

The SpecialCare program is developed by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) that provides access to information and resources to families with dependents, of any age, who have special needs. 

 And as a Special Care Planners, we can specifically help families:

  • Access local organizations and advocacy groups
  • Protect future eligibility for government benefits
  • Create a Life Care Plan*
  • Understand the financial and legal issues in special needs planning, including special needs trusts
  • Determine how much money is needed to provide for lifetime quality care

Client Centered

Take the first step toward bring the resources your families are asking for and book a workshop today.