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For Physicans

Your Financial Health Deserves Top-Of-The-Line Care

Your Financial Health Deserves Top-Of-The-Line Care

At Stonewater Financial, we empower physicans to develop healthy financial habits, identify their long-term goals and progress toward financial freedom. Whether you’re a recent graduate or seasoned professional, we move through life alongside you addressing your evolving financial concerns.

Holistic Financial Planning For Every Stage

Newly Graduated

You’ve accomplished an incredible milestone, but starting this next chapter in life can feel overwhelming. As you embark on your next journey, you’re looking to build a foundation of impactful money habits that can put your wealth on track. We work with young pharmacists in managing their student loan debt, understanding their compensation packages, setting savings goals and more.

Reaching Your Peak

From purchasing a home to buying a practice, now’s the time in your life to make major financial decisions. We’re right beside you addressing your upcoming hurdles, concerns and questions. How will switching from a hospital network to a retail shop impact your earnings and benefits? Are you doing enough to save for your child’s education? Whatever’s on your mind, let’s address it together.

Considering Retirement

As your career winds down, it’s time to switch gears from building your savings to funding your retirement lifestyle. Your income will come from a variety of sources such as a hospital pension plan, 401(k) or 403(b), Social Security or even from the sale of your business. We’ll help navigate your options and create a tax-focused, thoughtful withdrawal strategy that addresses your goals for retirement.

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